Should You Go To School To Learn Web Development And Design?

In the field of information technology (IT), a lot of people ask if they need to attend a school in order to have a successful career. It’s understandable that many people have decided on a career in web development and design, because this is an area in which most companies are looking to hire.

However, some people do not know where to start in building their career for this field, and wonder if schooling is needed for this type of profession. Well, the short answer is no. There are a lot of successful web developers out there who do not have any formal education for their chosen career.

So, if school is not necessary for this career, what should you do? Today, we are going to show you how can you build a career in web development and design without ever going to school.

How Can I Start My Career as a Web Developer and Designer?

Most successful web developers and designers in this field started as a newbie just like you. This is to assure you that these genius developers all started from scratch. But how do they start? The answer for that is study. Yes, you still need to study a lot even if it is not on a school.

Study is the Key

There are several learning websites that offers free modules and videos that teaches you anything about information technology. You can choose the type of course you wanted to start with and study even more after finishing it.

On the other hand, some of the learning websites have small fees to access their educational materials. We believe that it is just fair for them to ask for payment because these materials are made personally by the experts, and they spend their time and effort just to create it. Also, the fees are quite cheaper than going to a university.

Practice Makes Perfect

So, if you really wanted to build a career in this field, you must invest for your education. You cannot be an expert without studying and practice. Usually, these courses are easy to understand, and they let you practice a lot for you to grasp the topics.

Aside from the practical tests, you can also try practicing on your own and apply all the learnings you have from the courses. It can really help you to be better in this field if you keep on doing it repeatedly.


Going to school is indeed beneficial for anyone. However, not all people can afford to study because of financial limitations. Also, finishing school will not always help you to be successful. It is still up to the person’s character and perseverance that can dictate their future.