How Difficult Is SEO for Magento Sites?

Nowadays, there are a lot of e-commerce platforms that enable users to create their own web store with just a few clicks. These platforms have changed the way people do commerce on the internet. Some of the renowned platforms are Shopify and Magento sites.

Once setting up these e-commerce websites, business owners are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their product pages. This optimization helps their website to drive more users and eventually be converted to sales. However, some e-commerce platforms like Magento can be challenging when business owners are using SEO for their web store.

SEO Challenges for Magento

A lot of people today are now loving the results that SEO gives to them. Sadly, Magento sites are having quite some challenges when people are trying to apply SEO to their product pages. We will look at three major trials that this platform is experiencing when it comes to optimization.

Meta Description Duplication

Writing a description for every product is important so that buyers will know what they are buying. But sometimes, it will take a lot of time for owners to fill this up. Fortunately, Magento has a feature to fill up the blank descriptions with their default one.

The feature may be convenient, but it does not benefit your SEO. Default descriptions may not contain the proper keywords for your products and may decrease your ranking on search results.

Slower Page Loads

Applying the words and the needed optimizations for your web store in Magento has a major setback when loading your page. Business owners noticed that the loading time of their e-commerce platform is slowing down even if they have a strong internet connection.

However, there are possible solutions that you can do if you experience it. Just look it up on the internet and you will see the technical solutions you needed for this problem.

Duplicated Content

The Magento platform is a good place for every business owner because it has a lot of features. They can easily categorize their products to which it belongs to. However, this very feature created a setback for the SEO of the web store. The categorization somehow created a duplicated content which is not good for any optimization.

It is never good for SEO to have too many keywords in a single product or webpage because the search engines may label your website as a spam. Obviously, business owners will not like their web store to be tagged as spam. However, just like earlier, there is already some possible solutions for this.